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Casa Lumina Teas

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What We Do

Consulting and Tea Tasting

Conduct Tea Tasting Classes and provide Consultancy services on Sourcing, Blending, Branding, Packing & Marketing

Private Label Packing

Pouches, Cartons ( Loose Tea) , Tea Bags ( String & Tag, Pyramid etc), Gift Tea packs, Ready mix. Designer products to HORECA

Bulk Tea Trading

Africa, Sri Lanka, India, China and other growing coutries.

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How we do it

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Types of tea

Black, Green, White, Ribose ( It could be flavoured, decaffeinated, etc) , Herbal Tisanes Tea

Effective Planning

Sourcing and Bleding

Team includes experts who source & blend desired Tea (of region preferred), flavour or Herbal mix in proportion intended and pack them in pouches, tea bags or Gift sets as per the order received.

Why choose Us?


Certified tea such as Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Fair trade etc can be arranged if customer desires.

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Our Team

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Dattu Hegde started his carrier as a tea farmer by joining a leading plantation company in India. He served in many popular tea growing regions of India managing large commercial tea plantation for over 28 years. Towards the later part of his carrier he was made the head of plantations by the same company and later he joined as the International marketing head for leading plantation companies in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Africa.

His active involvement in the tea industry for over 30 years gave him an integral knowledge and understanding of, not only tea growing and manufacture, but also value addition and marketing. In short, he knows exactly what the consumers are looking for and how to source, blend, and package them.

After his retirement, he was exploring the possibilities of starting his own tea marketing company as he strongly believed that, backed by his years of experience in the industry, he could give the consumers the best teas at affordable prices. But he was little disappointed because large packing facilities were not willing to pack teas in small volumes as their overhead costs did not permit them to do so.

But Dattu did not give up. He believed that everyone whether big or small has the right to be in business. Therefore, he founded Casa Lumina Teas Ltd. a tea solution enterprise to serve every one whether big or small.

Casa Lumina Teas is geared to do: sourcing, value additions, private label packing and marketing.

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Rekha was an avid student of art and history. She married Dattu in 1982, While Dattu was managing a tea plantation in the Nilgri Hills (Blue Mountain range) in Sothern India.

After marrying Dattu, Rekha also became seriously interested in tea. Living on the tea plantations with Dattu for many years gave her an in-depth knowledge of tea, especially in tea tasting. Helping her mother in the kitchen during her early days has given Rekha an extraordinary talent in cooking, which gives her the ability to provide valuable input to make Casa Lumina tea blends outstanding.

Having a natural flair for public relations, Rekha devotes her spare time in community service. She also contributes to Kannada Theatre. She is popular across Karnataka for her ability to create her own recipes for truly gratifying dishes. 

Rekha helps Dattu in all aspect of the operation of Casa Lumina Teas. Dattu’s knowledge on all aspect of the tea industry and Rekha’s expertise in culinary, make them a great team to provide finest tea blends!


Casa Lumina Tea India (Pvt) Ltd.
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